Caribbean Vacation, Day Three – Bermuda

Friday morning — the sun is out, and we’ve docked in Bermuda. The seas were a little rough, and we apparently almost passed Bermuda by until the last minute, when the captain made the decision that things were calm enough to dock. We arrived at the West End of Bermuda in the Royal Naval Dockyard around 8:30 in the morning, and docked alongside the farthest pier away from the main body of the islands. After departing the ship, we were off to explore.

Originally, we had scheduled two excursions in the Bahamas — a horse and carriage tour through the dockyards and then a trip on a glass-bottomed boat. The horse and carriage tour ended up being cancelled, however, so we decided to act on a tip we got during afternoon tea the day before and rented a two-person motor scooter. Yes, that’s right — Neil, driving a motor scooter in a country that drives on the left, while Geitra hangs on for dear life behind him. No problem!

After a short training run, we were off to take a 45-minute or so ride to Hamilton, the main town on the island. Yep, 45 minutes of 40- to 60-kilometer per hour speeds on curvy, hilly roads while being passed on the right by impatient Bermudans. And here we thought island life was supposed to be peaceful and tranquil and laid-back! But Neil managed to avoid killing us and we arrived in Hamilton to do a little bit of shopping.

Afterwards, we headed back to the dockyard using a different route in order to see some of the beautiful beaches on the south side of the island. We even found a nice secluded area called Warwick Long Bay in South Shore Park where we spent time walking the beach barefoot and got some of the famous pink Bermudan sand.

With that, we headed back to the dockyard to return the scooter and get ready for our next excursion — a trip on a glass-bottomed boat. We took the boat out into the waters outside the dockyard, where an old British warship had been sunk to create a sanctuary for coral (simultaneously creating a sanctuary for the Bermudan glass-bottomed boat industry). We oohed and aahed over that for while before heading to a small cove in a public park for some time on the beach and for snorkeling. All told, it was a lovely way to spend a few hours before heading back to the ship to depart for San Juan, Puerto Rico.

After we got underway and eating dinner, we decided to see the comedy show. The performer was a gentleman who goes by the moniker “Sarge,” and he was absolutely hilarious. We were in tears from laughing at least three different times during the show. At to top it off, the guy also sings — doing quite passable impressions of Lionel Richie and Harry Connick, Jr. A thoroughly enjoyable way to end our day.

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